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Dodson News for March 1, 2020


There is not much activity around with the order to stay home as much as you can. We can only wait, pray and stay as isolated as possible until some of this passes and our weather changes. Everyone, please take care!

Our layman pastor Jack has started sending daily prayer readings and on Sunday a copy of his sermon to help with not being able to hold in-house services for awhile. These are greatly appreciated.

Dora Henry's family had a scare when it was thought that her granddaughter in law and great-grandson was ill and being tested for the coronavirus in Great Falls but it was reported the tests came back negative. Sarah Lautenschlager and her son Benny, age 3, were reported to have another bacterial infection. We are so grateful for the prayers.

Thanks to all who have been around doing some favors that they can without a personal touch. I'm sure everyone appreciates everything done.

Birthday greetings to Leona Kienenberger and Doug Durocher and all who have a birthday this week. And congratulations to all having an anniversary!

A bird does not sing because he has an answer. He sings because he has a song. Be completely self-determined and allow others the same privilege.

May you have a healthful and happy week.


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