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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Our experience, Part 2


This is the second part of our experience with the COVID-19 virus.

Being away from home while everything around us was starting to shut down, was not fun. It seemed and felt like something from a movie.

After the State Basketball Tournament in Butte, we drove through an intimidating amount of snow heading home. Before leaving for the tournament, we knew that snow was in the fore-cast. We were just hoping that the weatherman was wrong.

I drove extremely carefully through the mountains on the way home. We were making great time considering that we had to drive as slow as 40 miles per hour on roads that have speed limits of 70 mph.

Driving throughout the mountains with cars testing the limits of their tires was different than our typical commute, but we made it to Havre safely. I can’t say the same for other drivers that slid off of the road that day. That day we had seen five cars off the road, and one truck that slid onto the shoulder blocking the entire highway. Luckily, it seemed no one was hurt and we were able to use the exit ramp to avoid waiting for road cleanup.

Thank God, we eventually made it to Havre and considering the snowflakes were huge and the roads were packed, we decided to take the win that day and check into a hotel in Havre.

Our stay was nice, even though it was hard to keep our very excited boys quiet. The place had an automatic espresso machine, which is something I have scoffed at in the past. That day I drank shot after shot of coffee and relaxed after a long drive.

The weirdest thing that day was seeing the grocery store nearly empty. There were only a few people loading up on supplies for self-quarantine. That day, I picked up Tylenol and Gatorade just in case.

It is intimidating that there is a sickness out there that has no cure, so I now understand the hysteria.

We went home the next day and were relieved to be off the road. My next issue was tackling a write-up of the state tournament, given that it was canceled. I would say, it went well.


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