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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

Over 50 ride in Barrel Races


Kiera Simonson rides barrels around Trafton Park last Friday. Photo by Pierre Bibbs.

The Malta Barrel Series held their second event last weekend at the Trafton Rodeo Arena. The event featured over 50 racers from grade school to adult.

The series featured barrel races as well as pole bending races.

Though event one was held in the Milk River Pavilion, event two was moved outside to the Trafton Arena because it is summertime.

"Jerey McEwen has done all of the work of getting the arena ready so that we could use it and get some events going on down here so we don't see the arena go to waste," said Chrissy McEwen, coordinator of the event and wife of Jerey. "It is a very nice facility. This type of event takes a group, for sure."

The event is put on by volunteers and the riders are the only ones that earn cash prizes.

One prize winner was Keira Simonson, who won in the 2D category on Friday night. Fresh off of her college rodeo career, Simonson was racing on her brother's horse Beline also known as Readyaimfire on Three.

"He hasn't had anyone ride her, so he wanted to see how she would do with somebody else," Simonson said. "I think she did alright. Her first barrel was really fun, she just got a little lost going to the second and third."

That day marked the first time that Simonson had competed in Trafton Rodeo since she started competing as a part of the University of Montana College Rodeo Team.

"It brings back memories on Boots N Saddles," Simonson said.

Simonson was asked if racing in local rodeos brought less pressure.

"It was always for fun," Simonson said.

Morgan McEwen was also seen on the leaderboards with her horse Yeller. In the Open races, she posted a time of 18.819, which was second in 2D.

"It was very fun and it was one of my first runs," Morgan said.

She also won prize money and a hay bag in the first Barrell Races held on Saturday, May 23, at the Milke River Pavilion.

Winners from Friday, June 12: 1D: First place was Twyla Donohue on Clyde with a time of 18.00 seconds. Second place was Kelsie Meland on TK Handful of Money with a time of 18.001. Third was Talyssa Horn on Sonny with a time of 18.245, and fourth was Haven Under on CS Irish Bailey with a time of 18.282. 2D: First place was Keira Simonson on Readyaimfire on Three with a time of 18.750. Second place was Morgan McEwen on Yeller with a time of 18.819. Third was Krystyn Kittson on BM with a time of 18.955, and fourth was Lindsay Lowe on Pocos Lastchance 229 with a time of 19.169. 3D: First Place was Chrissy McEwen on Pistol with a time of 19.505. Second was Elli Linder on TS Perks Dini Bunny with a time of 19.597. Third was Katie Marcenko on BQD A Perfect Scrutin with a time of 19.673, and fourth was Lela Domire on Charley with a time of 19.840. 4D: First place went to Jenna Kittson on Miss T with a time of 20.408. Second was Brooke Billingsley on Hickory with a time of 20.587. Third was Julie Welsh on Wayne with a time of 20.690, and fourth was Buckshot Nelson on Moms on Firewater with a time of 20.908. Youth 1D: First place Blake Ozark on Ginger with a time of 19.084, second place was Bailey Billingsley on Lola with a time of 19.389, and third was Jayden Murnion on DK Royal Bullseye with a time of 19.819. 3D; First place was Maddy McEwen on Danny with a time of 21.521, second was Karlie LaBrie on Duke with a time of 23.445, and third was Flint McEwen on Smoke with a time of 24.763.

Brooke Billingsley competes in the Barrel races held at Trafton Park last Friday evening. Photo by Pierre Bibbs.

Winners from Saturday, June 13: 1D: First place was Linder with a time of 18.037. Second was Simonson with a time of 18.128. Third was Meland with a time of 18.150, and fourth was Carli Simanton on My Favorite Gambler. 2D: First place went to Mo. McEwen with a time of 18.894. Second was Donohue with a time of 19.020. Third was Lacey Beil on Ginger (2) with a time of 19.037, and fourth was Tylynn Rettig on Koda with a time of 19.398. 3D: First place was Karli McGowan on Guys Eye Candy with a time of 19.552. Second place went to Billingsley on Athena (2) with a time of 19.596. Third was Rebecca Shroh on Hondo with a time of 19.668, and fourth was Morgan Ashley on Horse with a time of 19.913. 4D: First place was Kristen Wood on Real Sugar Angel with a time of 20.315. Second was Horn was a time of 20.536. Third was Maria Taylor on MT Good Mojo with a time of 20.600 and fourth was Deb Madison on Goldie with a time of 21.138.

June 13 Open Pole Races: First Place: Br. Billingsley with a time of 22.200. 2D: Neva Lowe on Little Miss Ty with a time of 25.031. Third was Mo. McEwen with a time of 25.80. Youth Barrels: 1D: First place Ja. Murnion with a time of 20.117. Second place Mo. Morgan with a time of 20.680.


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