One Nation, Under God

This is not the country that we grew up in

Dear Readers,

I don't know if any of you are feeling like myself, but I feel like we're on a cliff and they're pushing us over the edge. Our country doesn't look or act like the country we grew up in. I'm tired of it and I think it is time for us to stand up and stop taking it. We need to know what they are teaching in our schools, what our government is passing, taking away, mandating. Our gov't just tried to pass a 3.5 trillion dollar bill, and it's not even that much money that is ludicrous, it's the fine print. They are dismantling our country piece by piece.

All in the name of Equity. See...


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hbpip1012 writes:

What do they teach at schools? Not sex education, not proper history. History gets a big F from me. Our older kids had a hard time even grasping it in college. Lack of diverse history and correct history. Sex education went away long ago. I learned more in Catholic school then they learn now. Sick of politics. We need to stop defining people on their political stance and start defining people by how they treat others.