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By Pierre Bibbs
Sports Editor 

McKinney repeats at Fair AMX


August 8, 2018

Pierre Bibbs

Dustin McKinney of Great Falls does a victory doughnut after the 2018 P.C. Fair AMX A Main race.

For the second straight year Dustin McKinney of Great Falls won the P.C. Fair's AMX Main A title.

The event which featured 33 cars on Saturday, August 4 at the P.C. Fair Fairgrounds, was chock full of rolled cars, bumping, breakdowns and excitement for those in attendence.

"I had to battle," McKinney said. "That was some hard driving. It was really fun racing."

McKinney has had a lot of success this year.

"I have actually won every race that I have been in this year," McKinney said. "Knock on wood but I am four for four. I am having a good year so far."

McKinney enjoyed this year's crowd.

"Sounds like to me they really liked their A Main and I think we had a good crowd at the Dodson fair. I think it was a pretty good show that we put on," McKinney said.

McKinney won the P.C. Fair event by edging out Kyle Sweeney, who had led for about half the race in his 94 Chevy pickup truck. Pickups were recently allowed into AMX events in 2016.

Sweeney seemed to glide through the track and even though it seems to be advantageous to run a pickup in a dirt track, Sweeney believes there is no advantage.

"It's just to be different," Sweeney said was his reasoning for driving a pickup. "I wanted to build a pickup that would run with the cars."

Having only raced in five events, Sweeney enjoyed his first Phillips County Fair AMX contest.

"It was alright and it was a good race with a fast track," Sweeney said. "It was fun for sure."

Sweeney was asked about how his opponent was able to eventually catch up despite the pace that Sweeney had set.

"Dusty is just a great driver, who has got a lot of experience and a fast car," Sweeney said. "That's just how it panned out."

McKinney shared his winning strategy.

"I just kind of sat back and waited for the right opportunity and he kind of went sideways in the corner and I sucked up underneath and got by him," McKinney said. "And I really didn't look back after that. Once I got out in front, it's pretty much smooth sailing."

Jim Heaton of Baker won the Modified Super Class. Luke Holestine, also from Baker, took second in the Modified Super Class.

Heaton maintained a smooth ride after escaping a tight start.

"I knew I had to get out quick because I knew these guys were coming like my buddy and best friend Luke Holestine, he is fast," Heaton said. "We figured I was going to wait for him but he never showed up, so I let it all hang out and just gave these fans a show."

Racing in the annual Montana Bump-N-Run Association, the duo came to Dodson with plenty of experience.

"If you mess up over there, you are not getting back in front," Heaton said. "We are teammates so we try running things by each other."

Holestine has been racing for 15 years while Heaton has been racing for three years.

"The fans here were great," Heaton said. "They welcomed us with open arms."

Dave McCoy took third place in the Main A event, and Jason Jessen took fourth place.

Racing alongside Heaton and Holestine in the same race, Mike Plouffe won the Super Class. Wes Lundstrom took second and Brett Jaynes took third.

Flint Schaaf took first place in the Main B event. Frank Kindle placed second, and Keith Cowan placed third.

Jeremy Jessen would win the Main C event. Anthony Jaynes would take second and Tony Bibeau took third.

Justin Lamb won the Main E event and had the option to continue racing but opted not to continue. Luke Brown took second in the Stock E event and Robert Kindle took third.

Rae Bibeau won the Powderpuff race, Adrianna Bibeau was second, and Megan Raty was third.

Bill Jaynes won the Pitman race.


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