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Card News for September 18, 2019


September 18, 2019


On September 3, Harvey Smith outplayed the rest of the field on his way to 45 points and a first place finish. Leonard Leader and Clarence Jacobson were knotted at 37 points, to tie for second, and the traveling prize was awarded to Lee Stevens.

On September 10, Ken Ruzicka and Ron Lundman tied for first with 44 points each and the traveling prize was awarded to Leonard.


Al Kroll’s 6,510 vaulted him to a first place finish and Ron Lundman was next best with a tally of 6,150. The traveling prize was awarded to both Al and Ron.

On September 12, Clarence Jacobson scored 6,250 to take first place and Clair Water's 5,890 was good for second. The traveling prize on the day was awarded to Von Holzhey.

Malta Duplicate Bridge

On Monday evening, September 9, Nellie Ereaux and Madelyn Anderson ranked first. Billie Rae Maxie and Bonnie Millar earned second place.

The Wednesday winners were Lois Goodheart and Kerry Faaborg and Margo Rush and Billie Rae tied with Bob Maxie and Bonnie Millar for second.


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