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By Eldora Henry
PCN Correspondent 

Dodson News for February 5, 2020


February 5, 2020

Richard Gilmore is home for a while after getting treatment in Billings. He must go back the first part of February for more tests or treatment. The community sends Richard the best and prayers are with him for continued recovery.

We have been having some slow melting all this week. More and more ground is showing thru and the hills are all brown again, except for some coulees, the snow on them is pretty well gone. There is lots of water standing around town.

Kay Taylor celebrated her birthday this week and is retiring from cooking at the Wathatau Center. Dottie Simanton will be the new one in charge.

Life long resident of the county, Betty Flom died Friday in Malta. Condolences are sent to all her extended family.

Sunday morning was very slick underfoot again as it had turned cold enough to freeze all the water standing around after several days of melting.

Dodson Creek had come down from the north flooding all the bar pits, coulees, low places and water holes in the way. Lots of water everywhere north of the railroad as it split to go east and west!

Very hard winds were felt in parts of the state, Great Falls and north, Havre and some other parts of the Hi-line and in Helena and beyond. Weather warnings were put out and some roads were closed.

Congratulations are sent to all having a birthday or anniversary this week.

I was always taught to respect my elders, but it keeps getting harder to find one.

Have a good and productive week!


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