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By Mark Hebert

Yesterday's Phillips County News Memories for June 5, 2019


PCN Archives

Students in Ann Knudsen's pre-school enjoyed a picnic at the Riverview and Trafton parks on Monday. Pictured are ( l to r) back row: Wesley Salveson, Brittany Berg, Jeffery Handley, Reed Pankratz, Jordan Hould; second row: Ryan Flatt, Lindsey Erickson, Kevin Hasler, Curtis Darrah, Jacqui Tams, Stormy Adams; Third row: Jared Holman, Bailey Skones, Dean Broadbrooks, Tara Slover, Leah Robinson; Front row: Bo Waters, Davy Conlon, Kolton Messerly, Cassandra Enerson, Jimmy Sintler, IV, Andy McKnight, Kelly Wilson, Kellie Kolczak, Katie Lowney, Tiah Sunford, and Kimberly Schultz. PCN 1994.

100 years ago

June 5, 1919

The first annual World War Veterans convention was to be held in Malta from June 30 thru July 1. A barbeque at Trafton Park was to be one of the main attractions.


Ellis Blumenthal, H. L. Dorr, R. R. Davis, A.F. Winkler and M.T. Weikle were elected directors of the Malta Commercial Club.


Several of us around the mountains need new trousers. This praying for rain is hardly worth the wear and tear on a new pair of pants." - Landusky news item.

•••The War Eagle Mining Company near Zortman was ready to start operations with a new 30-ton mill. Ore was returning $12.86 per ton, reports said.


Ford Millen was going around town with a broken arm as the result of an attempt to crank a Ford car.


A bad hailstorm damaged crops in the Dodson community.


Mrs. J. F. Kilduff had been elected president of the States Federation of Women's Clubs.


Clarence Cosner was back after war service in France.


Federal officers had seized a moonshine still near Bowdoin, operated by a man named Steve Bussion.

75 years ago

June 8, 1944

Oak Leaf Cluster awarded to Turner Aviator

By the direction of the President, the Oak Leaf Cluster in lieu of an additional Air Medal was awarded to Lt. Gen. Millar F. Harmon, commanding United States Army forces in the South Pacific area, on May 12, to Sergeant Oscar C. Olson of Turner, Mont., as an aerial engineer from Jan. 12 to March 7, 1944.

Staff Sgt. Bryson is in German prison camp

Staff Sgt. Robert C. Bryson, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Bryson of Saco, who was missing in action over Germany the latter part of April, is a prisoner of war in Germany, according to word received by his wife from the war department.

Editor's Note: Staff Sgt. Bryson was a member of the 547th Bombardment Group, according to the

50 years ago

June 5, 1969

Dodson students to Big Sky playhouse

A total of six Dodson student will spend three weeks as apprentices in technical theater at the Big Sky Summer Playhouse on Flathead Lake this summer. They are Nancy Lankford, Ruby Blatter, Debbie Licht, Mark Gaub, Glenn Dolphay, and Ron Sjostrom. The playhouse project is under the direction of Dodson's speech and drama teacher, Jack Upshaw.

25 years ago

June 8, 1994

Dinosaur needs a name

A Hadrosaur dinosaur, more commonly, known as a duck-billed dinosaur, currently being excavated at an undisclosed location in Saco, needs a name.

And you're invited to help.

Persons wishing to suggest a name for the dinosaur are urged to submit it along with their own name and address to the PhillCo Economic Growth Council.

PCN Archives

Mrs. Bill Crowder, retiring president of the Jayceen, installed new officers at a recent meeting. Pictured from the left are Mrs. Byron Ophus, treasurer; Mrs. Steve Black, secretary; Mrs. Hal Vosen, president; Mrs. Garry Adams, vice president; and Mrs. Crowder. PCN 1969.

Eventually, promoters of the project hope to display the dinosaur's 33-35 foot long frame in a new Phillips County Museum building

Olson, Oxarart claim first

Jason Olson finished first in the bareback competition both days and in the overall average at the Sidney Rodeo held last weekend.

Local club member Alisha Oxarart placed first in the pole bending on Sunday and finished fifth in cow cutting both days.

10 years ago

June 10, 2009

Zortman founder's grave to be marked with plaque

It's been four years since the remains of Oliver "Pete" Zortman were removed from a pauper's grave in Big Timber (where he was buried in 1933) and returned to the community he is credited with founding.

This Saturday, Zortman's grave will be marked with a boulder and plaque commemorating his contributions to Zortman and Phillips County.


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