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  • Moe & Gertie: Continued Correspondence

    Betty Munson, For the PCN|Dec 28, 2022

    Moe replies to Gertie's letter in the 12/14/22 PCN Dear Gertie, I'm sure enough in the doghouse now. I finally got up enough nerve to ask the new schoolmarm to go to the dance with me. When she said she would,I got myself all duded up in my new pants and yellow checkered shirt;slicked down my hair,splashed on some bay rum,put on my new shoes and took off. I had a flat tire two blocks from my house,got it changed and two blocks later the radiator went kerfluey. I left it there and hobbled onward. I was lookin' kinda frazzled when I got to her...

  • Moe & Gertie: Continued Correspondence

    Betty Munson, For the PCN|Dec 14, 2022

    Gertie replies to Moe's letter in the 12/7/22 PCN Dear Moe, Horace flew the coop. I didn't think he'd ever get shet of his mother's apron strings. Mamie, next door was working in her garden and heard the whole shouting match. Horace told his mother he was going to buy a new car and she blew a gasket. You know what a penny-pincher she is, She figured he could just keep on driving his dad's old rattletrap. You know it's older than the hills. And anyway it wasn't her money he's spending; he's old enough, being past forty and of sound mind and...

  • Moe & Gertie: Continued Correspondence

    Betty Munson, For the PCN|Dec 7, 2022

    Moe replies to Gertie's letter in the 11/30/22 PCN Dear Gertie, I went up the mountain yesterday to visit Granpa Mac. I parked my jalopy at the bottom of the trail and went to hoofin' up those switchback trails. His cabin is still neat as a pin. We sat there jawin' awhile and then he started one of his recollections. I shore do like it when he gets to yarnin'. This one, he told about his moonshinin' days. This is the way he tells it: "Jed gave me our birdcall signal when he seed them two revenuers skulking up the trail so I was ready for them....

  • Moe & Gertie: Continued Correspondence

    Betty Munson, For the PCN|Nov 30, 2022

    Gertie replies to Moe's letter in the 11/23/22 PCN Dear Moe, My loquacious friend boiled over today. She was running off at the head as she usually does when George took offense. "You've got a big mouth,” he said. "I do not,” she snapped, “I may talk a lot but I don't have a big mouth.” Then George said, “If you'd kept your trap shut we wouldn't be having this conversation.” "Well, I wasn't the one who called your girlfriend a floozy. That was Percy, and when you cast aspersions on his mother, he delivered the roundhouse to your jaw that sa...

  • Moe & Gertie: Continued Correspondence

    Betty Munson, For the PCN|Nov 23, 2022

    Moe replies to Gertie's letter Dear Gertie, Charlie's wife was mad as a hornet. "You," she charged, “A pillar of the community, had to go and get yourself in a fix like this. I'll never be able to live this down. I've a mind to go stay with my mother for a while." So she went and poor Charlie ambled over to my house and vowed to keep his nose to the grindstone. He don't feel like hobnobbing with the bigwigs on the city council anymore-not since the Beagle Daily News ran the story complete with headline: City Council member Charlie Camberly A...

  • Moe & Gertie: Moe gets a reply

    Betty Munson, For the PCN|Nov 16, 2022

    Gertie replies to Moe's letter Dear Moe, Upon receipt of your letter,I thought it best to inform you immediately of the latest Cornburg happenings. Cousin Obie is on the lam. It happened thisaway: Sigurd Olson opened his store one morning to find the safe wide-open and the cash all gone. Nothing else in his General Merchandise was missing. He didn't have a clue when he called our erstwhile town cop but Deputy Backwater had a notion-considering that the front door's key was in the lock. So he hied himself over to Sigurd's house where he found Si...

  • Be Ye Kind One to Another

    Betty Munson, For the PCN|Aug 31, 2022

    Acts of kindness sometimes go unnoticed by the general public. Yet the recipients know and are blessed. I once observed an act of kindness that I have never forgotten-a kind and tenderhearted act. It was at a healing ministry’s conference where the priest leading the conference was praying for the sick. That day’s session was drawing to a close. Many had come forward asking for prayer. And one by one he laid hands on them and prayed for them. People were still standing in line when the priest suddenly announced, “I’m sorry, but I am very ti...

  • Grandfathers

    Betty Munson, Musings from the Past|Jan 20, 2021

    My friend, Jane, said grandfathers are love and time to spend it. Baby Jenny didn’t say anything; she just gurgled and cooed as she nestled contentedly in her grandfather’s lap. My camera caught the moment in a photo that I captioned “Mutual Admiration Society”. Grandpa and Jenny smiling at each other We had it enlarged and framed; that photo expressed it all: love between a grandfather and his granddaughter. We were so blessed that our children’s maternal grandparents lived practically next door to us. This beloved grandfather let our three...