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 By Eldora Henry    News    July 8, 2020

Dodson News for July 8, 2020

Tim and Heidi Solberg and two children and Nathan Solberg were here this week to help their mother with things. They were in church with Polly on Sunday. It rained again on Friday night but we missed...

 By Eldora Henry    News    July 1, 2020

Dodson News for June 30, 2020

We have had some more nice rains again this week and it is raining slightly this morning as I write this. It sure has been keeping things green and gardens are growing well. Linda and Ray Vulk,...

 By Eldora Henry    News    May 27, 2020

Dodson News for May 27, 2020

Graveside services for lifelong resident Edward Solberg will be Saturday, May 30, at 2 p.m. The whole community sends condolences to Polly and the entire Solberg family in the death of Edward....

 By Eldora Henry    News    May 20, 2020

Dodson News for May 20, 2020

Well the time for schools to start on their summer vacations is here and most of the schools were already closed because of the Coronavirus, so everyone was more or less prepared. The Dodson...

 By Eldora Henry    News    May 13, 2020

Dodson News for May 13, 2020

We have been really been enjoying some warm spring days although the wind always seems to blow every day. We have always had a lot of wind but not every day! Every thing is still very quiet around tow...

 By Eldora Henry    News    May 6, 2020

Dodson News for May 6, 2020

We have had two small rain showers that have made things look so much greener --looks like spring has finally decided to join us. Now if we could just cut down on the wind every day! Willard...

 By Eldora Henry    News    April 29, 2020

Dodson News for April 29, 2020

Everything is still very quiet around Dodson as people are obeying the stay home edict. The weather has been warmer all week and is forecasted warmer for the next week and it is nice to see the lawns...

 By Eldora Henry    News    April 22, 2020

Dodson News for April 22, 2020

The weather man has promised us a few days of warmer weather and it has been a little nicer except we have still been having wind every day. So what's new in Montana. Gardens are being tilled and...

 By Eldora Henry    News    April 15, 2020

Dodson News for April 15, 2020

Everything is still locked down and everyone is staying home and away from contact with other people. There is hardly any traffic on the streets. Hope everyone had a nice Easter, even if it was a...

 By Eldora Henry    News    April 8, 2020

Dodson News for April 8, 2020

Greetings to all for this Easter season although we can not get together with each other and celebrate with hugs and the good feelings times like Easter foster when we see family and friends....

 By Eldora Henry    News    March 25, 2020

Dodson News for March 25, 2020

Dora Henry and Polly Solberg were in Havre on Monday for a medical appointment. They took some things to Bill and Marilyn Henry and it was also the anniversary of Becky Henry's birthday. It snowed a...

 By Eldora Henry    News    March 18, 2020

Dodson News for March 15, 2020

Polly Solberg and Dora Henry attended the Seed Show at Harlem on Friday. There were not as many entries as usual as people called in and canceled because of the storm expected. It snowed some on... Full story

 By Eldora Henry    News    March 11, 2020

Dodson News for March 11, 2020

I hope everyone remembered to turn their clocks ahead on Sunday! At least it's daylight now. Monday was overcast — 25 degrees and the wind was blowing of course. There was an open town meeting held...

 By Eldora Henry    News    February 26, 2020

Dodson News for February 26, 2020

We have been experiencing warm temperatures and sun in the afternoons that have really been taking the snow away. Some nights are still pretty cool and we are hoping for no more snow. Last week I had...

 By Eldora Henry    News    February 12, 2020

Dodson News for February 12, 2020

Robbie Bear and Glen Dolphay were again digging the waterline at the old Haubrick place in west Dodson which had still been leaking for some time. Pretty cold job this week as the temps were down and...

 By Eldora Henry    News    February 5, 2020

Dodson News for February 5, 2020

Richard Gilmore is home for a while after getting treatment in Billings. He must go back the first part of February for more tests or treatment. The community sends Richard the best and prayers are...

 By Eldora Henry    News    January 29, 2020

Dodson News for January 29, 2020

After several days of slight melting and thawing it turned cold again on Saturday night so when we woke up on Sunday morning, after a light rain, it was very slick and hard to walk. It was rough from...

 By Eldora Henry    News    January 22, 2020

Dodson News for January 22, 2020

Jessie James Hawley died this week at Harlem with siblings and family at her side. Jessie was special and will be missed. Terri Cole was in Malta for a Library meeting on Tuesday. Nellie Sherman,...

 By Eldora Henry    News    January 15, 2020

Dodson News for January 15, 2020

Dodson defeated the Roy/Winifred basketball team in a fast-played game on Friday evening with a score I believe of 59 to 48. It was a good game — Congratulations Dodson players. Dora Henry attended...

 By Eldora Henry    News    January 1, 2020

Dodson News for January 1, 2020

Visitors at the home of Wink and Terri Cole for Christmas Eve were Jeff, Julie and Kaleb Cole of Glasgow; Robert, Kathy, Gabrielle and Quentin Coppedge of Denton; and Steve, Tara, Satchel, Taylor,...

 By Eldora Henry    News    December 18, 2019

Dodson News for December 18, 2019

We have been experiencing smaller snow showers and cold for quite a while. Wednesday morning started out clear and looking like a good day, just before noon it started to snow hard from the east with...

 By Eldora Henry    News    December 11, 2019

Dodson News for December 11, 2019

First letters have been sent out for another All Dodson School Reunion for July 31 and Aug. 1 &2, 2020 while the fair is in session. Anyone who did not get a letter but have been associated with the...

 By Eldora Henry    News    November 27, 2019

Dodson News for November 27, 2019

It snowed and turned cold again on Tuesday evening, altho all around us got more snow than we did. Thank heaven for that. Almost all roads across the state were reporting snow pack and ice. Hope it...

 By Eldora Henry    News    November 20, 2019

Dodson News for November 20, 2019

The school served a very good dinner for the community on November 14 from 11:00 to 1:00. It was all very delicious and teachers, students from certain classes and other older students helped and...

 By Eldora Henry    News    November 13, 2019

Dodson News for November 13, 2019

It snowed a wet snow on Tuesday afternoon, giving the ground a good cover and about one-inch precipitation. Very cold Wednesday and it stayed this way all week. There were not many people out for...


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