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  • Malta VFW, American Legion, and Auxiliaries Observe 9/11

    Kari Hould, PCN Staff|Sep 14, 2022

    Twenty-one years after the tragedy that caught the world by surprise with an attack on US soil by terrorists, the memories are still vividly etched in our minds. Activities were held during the week to commemorate and help America heal. The American Legion, the VFW, Sons of the Legion, and Auxiliaries held a walk, had a prayer service led by Chaplain Rick Mikkelson, and luminaries at Veterans Park (luminaries were lit to show hope in our darkest hour). A two-story version of the Twin Towers was...

  • Withdrawal Established To Protect Zortman-Landusky Mine Reclamation Site

    Gina Baltrusch, Bureau of Land Management|Sep 14, 2022

    The Bureau of Land Management issued a Public Land Order today to protect more than 2,600 acres at the Zortman-Landusky Mine reclamation area from future mining activities. The BLM administers the site, located in Phillips County, Montana. The 20-year mineral withdrawal of this reclamation area prevents new mining activities and disturbance of the public lands and provides time to assess and monitor the effectiveness of on-going reclamation activities. A withdrawal of this area was first approve...

  • 59th Annual Saco Fun Days Recap

    Pierre Bibbs, Publisher|Sep 14, 2022

    The 59th Annual Saco Fun Days event was a success, according to Saco Chamber President Lacey Beil, who has held the title for five years. “Just watching the community come together and watching the Chamber step up this year, that’s what made it all happen and it was pretty amazing,” Beil told the PCN. The three-day event started on Friday, September 2, and concluded on Sunday, September 4. Beil was asked what she will remember most about this year’s Fun days. She thought of the County Line Ro...

  • Case of West Nile Creates Concern

    Kari Hould, PCN Staff|Sep 14, 2022

    West Nile, which is spread by infected mosquitoes, has been found in Phillips County. One horse has died as a result of the virus. Local residents, Joe and Debbie Nicholson, of Dodson, found one of their horses was displaying symptoms of concern to a caregiver of the horses. The owners found a three-year-old mare, "Snoopy", which had gone down. Debbie stated, "She was just sitting on the ground". With the help of others, a tractor was used in an attempt to get her up on her feet. That task...

  • The Malta Food Bank is in Need

    Kari Hould, PCN Staff|Sep 14, 2022

    A resource for many in our community is in need and reaching out to friends for assistance. With orders placed with the state not being filled, the Malta Food Bank is looking to its friends for help. You and I are those friends! On September 22nd, the community is being asked to donate cereal for distribution to the food bank clientele. All three banks in town will be accepting donations. June Cornell, manager of the Food Bank, stated that they are in need of regular-size boxes of cereal, preferably with no sugar or low sugar content. Many of...

  • Malta's Dog Issue Getting Attention

    Kari Hould, PCN Staff|Sep 14, 2022

    That big loof of a pet, the family treasure, the ONE that for sure will welcome you when you get home…is drawing a lot of attention, especially from the public. Dog owners are being given warning that the laws for dogs running loose are going to be strictly enforced. Tickets will be written and if need be, should the violations continue, other steps and measures will be taken. Those steps include the removal of the dog from its home and possibly being euthanized. That is a step Animal Control Officer Jim Truelove, hopes to avoid. As the result...

  • Burrowing Owls Seen at Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge This Summer

    Amy Smith, Biological Science Technician Bowdoin NWR|Sep 14, 2022

    This summer, a family of Burrowing owls returned to Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge! Visitors and staff alike got the opportunity to watch the family grow from two adults to an addition of five cotton ball babies. Now fledged, babies and parents alike will be migrating south to Mexico for the winter. Burrowing owls are unique from other owl species, both for their appearance and habits. These small birds are slightly bigger than a robin and have strikingly long legs. They hunt both during the d...

  • Voice of Democracy Contest theme: "Why is the Veteran Important"

    Sharon Kindle, Malta VFW Club|Sep 14, 2022

    The VOICE OF DEMOCRACY is open to all grades 9-12 and this includes homeschoolers. The theme for 2022 is “WHY IS THE VETERAN IMPORTANT?” To preface your recorded entry, think about what is going on in the United States and overseas where our Veterans play a vital role. What have the Veterans done in the past and present. Our Veterans Memorial park is a good start to give you insight if you have been fortunate to visit great battlegrounds, monuments, or Washington DC. to gain knowledge for this program. Look at the Vietnam Wall online or per...

  • What will Become of the HLRC Building?

    Sep 14, 2022

    Dear Editor, It is a shame that our fair city of Malta can’t take care of our elderly. I am sure the residents are not resting in the “rest home”. What is going to become of this fancy structure? I think of the first “care center” in Malta. It was an older house moved into town in the 1950’s. My mother, Palma Solberg, and her neighbor, Lila Vickhammer, were the caretakers. The majority of the residents were men. The women cooked and cared for the residents. They would lift the guys to change their bedding and cleaned them up. I would go over an...

  • Dot Is Much Different From Her Predecessors

    Parker Heinlein, Outdoors Columnist|Sep 14, 2022

    It took me years to make the change. I always felt I could control my dogs with just voice commands or a whistle. And while I still maintain that approach worked over many years, some of my hunting partners might disagree. Then I got Dot and quickly realized it was time to switch tactics. Supposedly a springer spaniel -- or so say her AKC papers -- she’s a bit different than any of my previous springers. I’m beginning to suspect she’s part greyhound with a dash of Border collie thrown in just...

  • Larry Thomas Sasaki

    Sep 14, 2022

    Larry Thomas Sasaki, age 71 passed away due to complications from heart surgery on September 1, 2022, in Great Falls, MT. He was an easy-going man with the patience and precision to haul the world's largest tractors across the country. Fueled by his parent's indefatigable work ethic, he would quietly do what was needed to be done without being told or even asked. Though he wasn't fluent in the native language of his family's heritage and unfortunately was never able to fulfill his goal of visiti... Full story

  • Whitewater News & Opinion for Wednesday, September 14, 2022

    Helen Austin, PCN Correspondent|Sep 14, 2022

    Sympathy to the family and friends of Bobby Young of Minnesota. Bobby was the half-brother of Gale Young. He was 54 years old and a veteran of the US Army. Bobby lived with us in Malta for a while. Also, sympathy to the family of Wanda Doney. Wanda was Marlene Allery’s daughter. They had lived at the Allery ranch in Whitewater. Again, sympathy to the family of Danny Wendalyn, son of Irene Wendalyn of Chinook. Let’s pray for the passing of these family members and hope we don’t have any more...

  • Loring News for Wednesday, September 14, 2022

    Dixie Stordahl, PCN Correspondent|Sep 14, 2022

    We will never forget! This date rings out in my memory with great sadness! Twenty-one years ago, our country was attacked by terrorists! Mother Nature let us have a taste of fall by lowering the temperature for a few days. It felt chilly to me but also refreshing! Lu Besel and I went to Malta on Wednesday evening for a patio party at Anne Boothe’s home as a farewell party for Cary Woodruff. He will be missed at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum. I drove across the sag to Turner on Friday to m...

  • Phillips County Museum News for Wednesday, September 14, 2022

    Krista Fahlgren, P. C. Museum Staff|Sep 14, 2022

    To say that I am nostalgic is one of the world’s great understatements. I love everything that is old, tells a story or harkens back to eras long ago. I’m fascinated by old pictures, letters, and newspapers. Heck, I even have postcards that were sent to people I’ve never heard of. Have you ever run across a box of old photos or memorabilia that you know are important to the history of Phillips County, tell a part of your family’s history, or show how different things used to look? We’d love to help you make sure that your piece of history i...

  • Briefly for Wednesday, September 14, 2022

    Sep 14, 2022

    Malta Senior Center BINGO is every Friday at 1:00 at the Malta Senior Center PC Library Knitting and Crochet Club The Phillips County Library hosts a knitting and crochet group from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. every Thursday. Malta Kiwanis Meeting 9-14 Malta Kiwanis will meet on Tues. Sept.20 at 6 p.m. at Westside Restaurant. P. C. Coffee in Billings 9-19 Meet old friends from Phillips County for coffee at Downtown Perkins, 825 North 27th St, Billings, September 19, at 10 a.m. Call Carl Solberg for more information, 406-656-9492. Bring a friend! Cereal...

  • Bear Paw Cooperative Helping Families

    Sep 14, 2022

    The Bear Paw Cooperative, through your local school district, assists in the provision of special education and related services to children with disabilities. Through a process called Child Find, your local school district accepts referrals, provides evaluations and special education for children ages 3-21 years if they qualify. Please contact your local school district or the Bear Paw Cooperative at 406-357-2269....

  • Nelson Reminded Me of A Great Couple

    Pierre Bibbs, Play Ball|Sep 14, 2022

    I finally got a chance to fish at Nelson Reservoir last Friday, and as we were pulling up, I couldn’t help but remember my great-uncle Reverend Arthur Blackshire and his wife Rosie Lee Blackshire. He passed away in 2009. She passed away in 2019. I have no idea why I am telling you all this but… They were very dear to me, despite us being over 60 years apart in age. They were two of the most influential people to me in my younger years. There was never a doubt in my mind that they truly loved eac...

  • Memories for Wednesday, September 14, 2022

    Compiled by Kari Hould|Sep 14, 2022

    1 yrs ago Sept. 19, 2012 Commissioners Hold Mill Static The County Commissioners gave approval of the budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. Commissioner Richard Dunbar said the county could face a “day of reckoning” five or six years down the road if prices of natural gas don’t rebound. Get Those Wheels Back For Freddy Barbara Dunbar wrote of her concern after the bike belonging to her brother, Freddy, was stolen. He had saved for a long time to gain the funds to purchase the bike. There’s a New Vet in Town Dr. Justin Howard has joined the sta...

  • Classifieds for Wednesday, September 14, 2022

    Sep 14, 2022

    CONLON LANDSCAPING For Sprinkler Blowouts, Repairs, Installation, and all other landscaping needs give me a call! Davy Conlon 406-390-3075 -------------------------- Home Health Care Provider Experienced Reasonable Rates Call Stacy Solberg for more info at: 406-529-6317 ----------------------- Malta School District Job Announcement CUSTODIAN JOB OPENING Malta Public Schools is accepting applications for the position of a full time Custodian. This position provides custodial services for the District inside and outside. Applicant will be hired...

  • Legals for Wednesday, September 14, 2022

    Sep 14, 2022

    MONTANA SEVENTEENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, COUNTY OF PHILLIPS In re the Marriage of Eirik T. Barba-Ayala, Case No. DR-2022-10 Petitioner Order for Service of Summons and by Publication Leana K. Moran, Respondent Petitioner filed a Request for Service of Summons by Publication. The Clerk of District Court finds: 1. Petitioner filed a petition to dissolve the marriage between Petitioner and Respondent. 2. Respondent is a necessary and proper party to this case. 3. Respondent cannot be personally served because of the reasons listed in...

  • Saturday is Indian Taco Day at the Senior Center

    Sharon Kindle, Malta Senior Center|Sep 14, 2022

    Saturday, September 17, 2022, will feature an Indian Taco dinner at the Malta Senior Center at 110 St W. Serving will begin at 11 a.m. and conclude at 1 p.m. with a free-will offering going towards the center’s new entryway and construction of an awning. The Taco Dinner began approximately around 2019 and has been held each year with the exception of the pandemic. Marlyn Orahood, former director, now deceased, was a fan of the Indian Days at the Dodson School and became inspired to do something to honor the event. Thus, the birth of Indian T...

  • VFW POST 4067 Offering Two Art Contests

    Sharon Kindle, Malta VFW Club|Sep 14, 2022

    To all the aspiring artists in the county grades 9-12, VFW Post 4067 is offering two art contests for you. These two contests, Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest and 3-Dimensional Art are open to grades 9-12 to all county school students, be it homeschooled or in-school; you are invited to take part. For Patriotic Art, if students use the American flag, it must conform to the Federal Flag Code in relation to colors, number of stars and stripes and other pertinent rules of the code. Digital art, photography and jewelry are not...

  • Phillips Transit Authority Bus Barn Open House on September 21

    Betty Hasler, Phillips Transit Authority|Sep 14, 2022

    Phillips Transit Authority moved into their new bus barn facility on February 1, 2022. This project has been in the making since 2018. Phillips County Hospital donated the land directly behind them; the grant was written and approved. It houses 6 buses and an office. Phillips Transit Authority would like to invite you to their open house on September 21, 2022, at 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. We will be serving cake and coffee, and will have a drawing for a $100 gas card along with give-aways and a few...

  • 2022 MHS Homecoming Candidates

    Sep 14, 2022

  • North Country News for Wednesday, September 14, 2022

    Pat Murdock, PCN Correspondent|Sep 14, 2022

    All the Dunbar family, Richard, Dixie, Pat and Barb, and Davy attended the wedding of Gary and Cindy Sunfords daughter Chelsie in western Montana last weekend. Ryett celebrated his 8th birthday on Sept 9th. He is in second grade! Our old friend and former school bus driver Fred Allery, in the 50’ s and 60's, was asking if the bus was still coming this route. Yes, it is! Tricia LaBrie, the music teacher in Whitewater, is this routes bus driver. She and Kris have three kids on the bus, Kora, Keenan, and Shelby. Devon and Bri Brooks have B...

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